At the end of
the day, all we
have are our


Before I document yours,
let me share some of mine.

I grew up in a very “photo-happy” family. There were always piles of messy binders jam-packed with with printed photographs. I grew up passing around wedding photos of my great grandparents, and hearing my aunts and uncles share memories with each passing photo. 

I didn’t realize how precious that was then, but I do now. 

Not everyone would chose to live with their husband, parents, and sister’s family under the same roof, but i did. I love watching my own little daughter play with her grandparents and create memories with her cousins almost every single day. Watching her grow up to be a good human, surrounded by my favourite humans, is something I cherish. 

Your family is valued no matter what that looks like. Whether it consists of the two of you, or if everyone you’ve ever met and loved became your chosen family.

Relationships are Everything to Me. 

edmonton wedding photographer

1. I’m more interested in documenting your unique and exceptional connection than I am your wedding venue. 

2. Sharing stories about how you met and where your love story has taken you is far more fascinating to me than the wedding colours you’ve chosen.

3. I want to meet your family and friends and embrace them as my own, more than I want to make sure I capture your wedding in a way that looks good on my Instagram.

3 Of My Truths:

Before you hire me,
here are 3 things you should know.

When you hire me to document your wedding day,

I will give you 100% of me.

I love weddings, but I don’t always love the wedding industry. I’ve been snapping photos of couples in love long enough to know that while I value sharing what I do on the day to day, I don’t value ferociously snapping behind the scenes content for my Instagram stories while trying to capture your first look.

If you trust me, I will serve you with my whole heart and mind from the moment I arrive until well after I leave. 

If you resonate with my work, I would love to hold space for you.

You don’t have to worry about me overbooking myself because I work exclusively with couples that trust me deeply and want to remember their wedding day tenderly. More bookings will never be more important to me than the sincere quality of our connection. From your first inquiry to your first anniversary and beyond, there will be space for you in my heart (and inbox - if email is your thing). 

If that’s you, I would love to connect and talk about your vision - for both your wedding day and the rest of your life.

lets connect