As you have likely gathered, I’m an Edmonton wedding photographer who likes to have fun, get real with people, and make memories. I love being invited into people's special moments and would be honored to document yours. 


Let's be friends!


I’ve always lived in Edmonton but have done a bit of traveling, first on my own and now with my husband Pascal. My bucket list keeps changing and rearranging itself but top three new destinations I’d love to see are Goa, India; Casablanca, Morocco; and Alicante, Spain. So needless to say from my travel choices, I like hot weather and spicy food!


I absolutely love my family and am so lucky to have such great people around me. One crazy thing about me and my life is that I’ve been living in a community house with my husband Pascal, and the rest of my immediate family complete with two tiny humans I get to be an Aunty to for about 2 years now. So the 8 of us do life together and it is great and hard and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I truly believe we were not meant to live alone and that community is essential for growth and, certainly for me, essential to my happiness!


I would say my all time favourite date night activity is just going for a walk with Pascal. Whether its in our own neighbourhood or on a beach in Mexico, it’s so easy, free (mostly), and we love having the opportunity to talk and dream together while enjoying the outdoors. Bonus points if we bring a thermos of coffee along.

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Looking for an Edmonton Wedding photographer? I'm here for you

I'm here for you

I am a summation of my people. I love them deeply, and the more I photograph other people's families and moments the more fiercely I feel about capturing my own family, my own treasured moments. The images I snap at thanksgiving dinner or at the park in the sun and heat when we wished we had stayed home in the shade, those are precious and I live for them. As much as I am someone to look back and read through old journals, I am someone who flips through albums and treasures those little memories. 

Memories. Proof of existence. Declaration of the legacy you leave behind.

That's what I care so deeply about. I want to hold my soon to be baby girl (due Dec 2020) and remember every roll and dimple just the way it was. I want to lay in the sun and capture my man's face, tinged red from the heat and looking at me the way he always does on slow afternoons. 

I want that for me, and I want it for you. So take the picture. Always just take the picture wether it's perfectly timed or not. You deserve to be captured and remembered at every point in your life. I believe it for me and I believe it for you. 


I just really want you to know this: That you are enough and your wedding is enough and when I meet you and show up on your day, I'm there for your moments. To capture all that makes your day you. You in all your perfect imperfections, your excitement at being engaged, your nerves the morning of, and all the in-betweens. Know that. Know that weddings can get crazy or timelines can change, but it wont matter as long as you are with your people and declaring your love the way you dreamed of, everything is just right. 

My People, My story 


If you’re reading this and you already know that I’m the girl for you, then THATS AMAZING AND IM SO STOKED TO SERVE YOU ON YOUR BIG DAY!

If you’re feeling like you need more info or have questions feel free to email me at and we can talk more about what you’re looking for!

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