I will share myself with you so that you can be yourself 

with me

Just showing up & being yourself is more than enough.

For each blog post, I write with you in mind. Inside each entry, I share glimpses of my life and journal what I wish I had know if I were where you are right now.

With enough tips and tricks to satisfy even the most organized couples, before you dive in I want to remind you:

I genuinely hope my blog serves as a resource for you as you set out to plan your wedding, but this is just the beginning. When we work together, I will help you create your wedding timeline, create a list of family photos you’ll cherish forever (so we have to get), and so much more. When you are ready to start reading about me, I’m ready to learn more about you.

As your wedding photographer, I do so much more than just show up on your wedding day.

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What I wish I knew when planning my wedding   I got married at 22 years old in the same church my mom and dad were married in. Cute right. When I was planning my wedding, Pinterest was just beginning to be a thing, and I did not have 6 years of pins to look […]

3 things no one told me about wedding planning

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April 8, 2019